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Trust True Security Design to evaluate just how well your existing systems can deter, detect, delay and respond to security threats, identify all vulnerabilities, and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate future risk. Whether you’re looking to confirm that sufficient security is in place, attempting to prioritize where future security dollars should be invested, or seeking guidance prior to a major security overhaul, True Security Design delivers unbiased analysis and recommendations, prepared by security experts.


Truly Tough
Penetration Testing

We’ll put your facility to the test, with a proactive, authorized attempt to exploit any weaknesses in your existing security. Our no damage break-in testing will determine:

How far an intruder travels onto your property or in your building?
How long until an intruder is forced to vacate?
How well can your staff identify/describe the intruder in a post-event recognition test?


Truly Smart
Introduction Package

We’ll provide a thorough evaluation of the exterior physical security of your building or buildings, with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail given to our full-service customers. We’re so sure you’ll be pleased with the results, you can then upgrade to the more comprehensive “Truly Secure” package for the difference in cost. Package includes:

Burglar alarm system analysis
Exterior video surveillance coverage analysis
Exterior door access control analysis and visitor access
Physical door and garage security survey
Buiding and property perimeter protection survey
Building and property ingress and egress


Truly Secure
Risk Assessment

Our Truly Secure Risk Assessment Package includes a complete assessment of the physical security measures, protection of the exterior and interior spaces of your facility, as well as the surrounding property. This includes:

Human asset behavioral audit
Building/Property perimeter protection
Lighting survey
Exterior assets
Building and property ingress/egress
Video surveillance coverage
Burglar alarm system
Access control/visitor access analysis
Physical door security
Visitor management

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Our team of security experts provide objective, systematic assessments of your workplace so you can make educated decisions regarding for security needs.


Risk Assessment

Security Assessment

Security Mitigation

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